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On July 2nd, EU-CIP took part in the inaugural cluster meeting organized by the AHEAD project. This significant event brought together key stakeholders to discuss collaborative opportunities and knowledge exchange.

Objectives of the Meeting

Our main objectives for this meeting included:

  • Discussing Synergies: We explored how the goals of our projects can complement and enhance each other.
  • Future Initiatives: We brainstormed potential future actions that can foster cooperation and mutual benefit.
  • Knowledge Exchange: We deliberated on the best practices for sharing knowledge and expertise.

Collaborative Future

Both AHEAD and EU-CIP have committed to working together on the infrastructure domain of the AHEAD project. This collaboration aims to leverage our collective expertise to achieve greater impact.

Invitation to AHEAD Project

In a bid to further strengthen our partnership, we have invited the AHEAD project team to our 2nd Annual Conference in Madrid on November 13th. Additionally, we have extended an invitation for them to join our Knowledge Hub, which is designed to expand our network of knowledge and foster deeper connections.

We are excited about the future possibilities that this collaboration holds and look forward to the positive outcomes that will arise from our joint efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work together towards our shared goals.

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