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The EU-CIP project is pleased to announce a new collaboration as part of its networking and clustering activities with the AHEAD EU project (GA No 101121338).

AHEAD objectives are to:

1. Design and test a holistic foresight framework combining megatrends (understood as long-term driving forces) and contextual elements, to ensure that law enforcement responses to new technological challenges are scientifi cally sound, but also legally, socially, industrially and operationally acceptable or feasible.

2. Produce foresight-informed and „evidence-based“ roadmaps that anticipate the capability needs of the internal security forces and enable an action plan for doctrine, investment, recruitment, training, etc.

The transition into the 21st century has been accompanied by a technological boom and the emergence of technologies with seemingly infinite potential (AI, Big Data, virtual reality, 5G, IoT, etc.). Police forces and civil protection actors must anticipate these technological changes and turn the potential threats they raise into opportunities to ensure the safety of society. This anticipation requires not only technological foresight but also a qualitative assessment of threats and capabilities.

To learn more about the AHEAD project visit their website and follow their  Linkedin.

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