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The European Commission published a proposal for a regulation "A new European Defence Industrial Strategy: Achieving EU readiness through a responsive and resilient #European#Defence#Industry" on the 5th of March 2024.

It discusses and evaluates possible strategies and policies to be implemented by the EU to render it more responsive to threats, and the organization of critical infrastructure is shown to be a key component.
Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the rising tensions at EU’s doorsteps call for the EU and its Member States to take up strategic #responsibility and power up the EU defense industry to address the unprecedented security threats and challenges they are facing.

🔰 For the European defense industry to be more responsive to urgent needs without sacrificing the future, there is a need of more cooperative investment planning, high end capabilities, strategic enablers, security of supply, and availability of any defense equipment. 
By expanding and complementing existing EU defense industrial policy tools and by outlining the political, industrial, and budgetary ambition to be mobilized in support to the European defense technological and industrial base (EDTIB), the latter will be empowered to leverage the efficiency gains of a more genuinely integrated #defense market and to unleash the untapped potential of scale effects. 
⁉ In terms of #criticalinfrastructure, to achieve defense readiness, it is important to invest massively, in a coordinated manner, and to prepare countermeasures to prevent hacking. This requires the agility to constantly integrate #innovation, which increasingly originates from small and non-traditional players. 
Thus, efficiency, threat #prevention and development of critical infrastructure is an essential step in making a more responsive EU in terms of national and international defense.

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