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We are pleased to invite you to join a  webinar on “5G-Enabled IoT and Digital Twins: Cybersecurity and Resilience” which will take place on 24 May 2023 at 9:00 CET. In this webinar, we will be discussing 5G-enabled IoT and DT technology with respect to cybersecurity and resilience. You can register here.

The fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) is the backbone of modern IoT-based critical sectors and it offers several benefits, including high speed, low latency, and greater availability. IoT devices and their related systems are expected to grow in number over the next few years. The 5G-enabled IoT has applications in a wide range of domains, such as transportation, healthcare, smart cities, and energy; however, it is also prone to cybersecurity threats. As a result, efficient and end-to-end security solutions are needed to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability of 5G-enabled IoT networks. Digital twins (DTs), as virtual representations of a physical object, process, or service, are also receiving significant attention from academia and industry. DT technology is more efficient than simulations since it uses real data to mimic processes; it also provides significant benefits, such as saving costs and enhancing the decision-making process in a variety of application domains. DT technology can help organizations and industries to identify potential cyber threats, such as sensor attacks, spoof-node attacks, hardware manipulation attacks, energy manipulation attacks, sniffing, distributed denial of service, sensitive data leakage, and fault tolerance, by creating virtual clones. However, by creating a DT of any system, the potential attack surface effectively doubles. Therefore, the cybersecurity of 5G-enabled IoT systems employing DT technology, and the opportunities for DTs themselves to mitigate cybersecurity risks, must be considered.

This webinar is supported by the Center for Research-based Innovation (SFI), Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS)International Alliance for Strengthening Cybersecurity and Privacy in Healthcare (CybAlliance), and European Knowledge Hub and Policy Testbed for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EU-CIP) projects.

More information is available here.

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