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European Risk & Resilience Institute is based in Stuttgart Germany. With more than 20 years of experience in EU RTD since FP4, sEU-VRi provides software tools for industrial risk and resilience management in the field of petrochemical, process and power plants, sustainable energy technologies and critical infrastructures and entities. They specialise in designing, developing and maintaining web-based platforms for project and risk/resilience management with more than ten such platforms currently in development and maintained in various European and international projects. Technological software and platform developed by sEU-VRi include the ResilienceTool for smart critical infrastructures (from the EU project SmartResilience) and the RiskRadar tool for continuous and automated horizon scanning of emerging risks (conceptualised in the iNTeg-Risk project), with the later selected as one of the Innovations in the EC Innovation Radar.

Within its standardization efforts, Prof. Jovanovic (sEU-VRi) has convened or contributed as the main author of standards: (a) European standard CEN-CWA 15740:2008 (“Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance”), (b) European standard EN16991:2018 (“European Risk-Based Inspection Framework”), (c) CEN-CWA 16449:2013 (“Management on New Technologies-Related Risks”, (d) ISO standard ISO 31050 “Management of emerging risks for enhanced resilience” (Convener), (e) DIN SPEC 91461 Framework for stress-testing resilience of industrial plants and sites (critical entities) exposed to cyber-physical attacks (Convener).