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In-line with the project’s objectives, the main results of the project are summarized

  • R1 Methodology for Continuous Desk Research, Analysis and Foresight (OBJ1), including Reference Framework and Indicators’ framework: COIN based methodology for analysis of policies, standards and research outcomes; The methodology will be driven by a CIP reference framework and an indicators’ framework.
  • R2 FAIR Observatory of Research Results, Standards and Policies (OBJ1): Structured and searchable repository of standards, policies and research results, based on FAIR data.
  • R3 >=10 Sectorial Studies (Whitepapers) (OBJ1): Analysis reports (whitepapers) covering specific sectors.
  • R4 >12 Added-Value Reports, including >=6 periodic reports asked for by the call (OBJ1): Periodic reports on policies, research and standards, including identification of gaps and opportunities.
  • R5Consultations and Feedback from Advisory Boards (OBJ1): Analysis of feedback from End-Users Advisory Board (EUAB) and CIP-Experts Advisory Board (CEAB)
  • R6 Innovation Management Services supporting CIP/CIR Innovators (incl. SMEs) (OBJ2): Business, Marketing, Technical, Training and Mentoring services for CIP/CIR innovators
  • R7 Virtualized Lab for Standards Based Solutions and Certification Schemes (OBJ2): Virtualized Lab offering Co-creation and validation services for standards-based solutions and certification schemes
  • R8 CIP Knowledge Hub integrating all the knowledge assets of the projects (OBJ3): Dynamic portal infrastructure providing a single point of access to all the project’s results.
  • R9 Consolidated CIP Stakeholders’ Community (>=1000 members) (OBJ3): Community of profiled/approved stakeholders registered in the Knowledge Hub and engaged with the project’s results.
  • R10 Training Services (incl. >=5 courses) (OBJ2): Pool of courses to support different stakeholders