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Innovation and policy development for Resilient Infrastructures and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is a complex, multi-disciplinary process that must involve different stakeholders (e.g., CI operators and authorities, innovators, technology providers, policy makers) and must analyse a very rich set of data and information from different sources (e.g., research outcomes, state of the art technologies, policies and standards). To ensure the effectiveness of the policy making and the innovation development processes there is a need for reducing information fragmentation, ensuring the continuous and structured analysis of the state of the art, and boosting evidence-based policy making in the scope of a vibrant ecosystem that engages all relevant stakeholders.

Nowadays, European policy makers and innovators that focus on critical infrastructures security and resilience are faced with the following challenges:

  • Monitoring and analysing research outcomes, security technologies, policies and standards towards evidence-based policy making.
  • Infrastructures’ heterogeneity across different sectors
  • Engaging the required diverse stakeholders at EU scale
  • Boosting the competitiveness of innovators and providing commercialization opportunities