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The EU-CIP project is pleased to announce that pre-registrations for its Knowledge Hub are now open!

A key objective for the EU-CIP project is to establish a Knowledge Hub as a cornerstone of a pan-European ecosystem of CIP/CIR stakeholders.

Who: All CIP/CIR stakeholders including critical entities and their operators and security staff, security solution providers, researchers, policymakers, NGOs and more!

What: This Hub will facilitate stakeholders’ access to the knowledge, results, services, and infrastructures developed by the project, as well as their engagement with innovation development and policy making outcomes of EU initiatives (e.g., research projects, technology initiatives, policy making initiatives).

Why: Our Knowledge Hub will boost knowledge sharing and collaboration between the various stakeholders.

When: EU-CIP partners have been working on developing the Knowledge Hub and its contents and the first release of the Hub is coming!

Interested stakeholders can now pre-register for the Knowledge Hub and be notified when the platform is online. The form also allows stakeholders to give feedback on what they expect the Hub to offer and how it can support their activities.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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