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EU-CIP will establish Europe’s largest community and ecosystem around the project’s analytical services, innovation support services and other knowledge assets. The community will be built over the existing ECSCI community. EU-CIP will evolve the ECSCI cluster that is established and operated by the project partners, to Europe’s most prominent Research and Innovation (R&I) knowledge network in security and resilience of critical infrastructures that brings together more than 22 EU projects on secure and resilient infrastructures.

European Cluster for Securing Critical infrastructures – ECSCI is a cluster of H2020 projects for securing critical infrastructures. Its main objective is to bring about synergetic, emerging disruptive solutions to security issues via cross-projects collaboration and innovation. The cluster will research how to protect critical infrastructures and services, highlighting differences (approaches, sectors of interest, etc.) between the clustered projects and establishing tight and productive connections with closely related and complementary H2020 projects.

The cluster members keep growing every day for enhanced synergy. The current list of members can be found on ​

EU-CIP will take advantage of the ECSCI activities and of prominent H2020 and Horizon Europe (HEU) projects to create a critical mass of content and activities that will rapidly bootstrap the EU-CIP activities.